Sacramento’s leading Fee-Only financial advisors

Sacramento's leading Fee-Only financial advisors

We love helping our clients find success.

After almost 20 years working with individuals, couples and business, I have learned from my clients that life isn’t easy and that my job is to find every way possible to make it better. My firm is hyper-focused on delivering an experience where our clients have a better vision of their future, feel more comfortable planning, help couples gain MUTUAL clarity (we love the opportunity to help couples get onto the same page). Our clients call us by a number of names: advisor, therapist, friend, brother, son, gatekeeper, CFO, coach and “tax person” and the list keeps building. If you’re looking for a firm that cares about your future, that has the ability to see pitfalls you’ve not anticipated, and to be your biggest fan in this walk in life… come talk with us. Our only hurdle is that you must be coachable.

Do you want to just exist, or do you want to create your best life?

There are two types of advisors who are best by looking at ALL facets of a clients life. Our job, after all, isn’t just about helping a client build enough money to retire, it is pushing our clients to smell the roses along the way. Financial planning is not coming up with a “number” that a client needs to reach, and them telling them how much they need to put away to get there. True planning is so much more than that. We look in at three different planes: Your (and your spouses) past, present and future life (all are important in coaching a client); Expenses- this includes, taxes, insurance, clear understanding of what it takes to run your house (what you spend on is your deal, we are only concerned with knowing what it takes to run your current/future lifestyle); savings- this includes how we save, where we save and how much we need to save.

These three areas: your life, spending, and savings all operate in one universe. They are all interconnected. The best advsiors understand the connective nature and utlize leavers to help their clients create their BEST LIFE!


  • Are certified
  • Must give up any licenses to sell products
  • Cannot take commissions
  • May only provide advice in the consumer’s interest
  • Typically have extensive education and training


  • Independent, but can still sell products
  • May take commissions

There are many good Fee-Based independent advisors who act much more like Fee-Only. Make sure to find out if they’re taking commissions on anything they recommend.


For example: Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, New York Life, etc.

  • Often have sales goals

If the advisor is beholden to sales goals, the likelihood of them acting in your best interest is low. 

We love helping our clients find success.

Here’s the deal… We can’t take every client that wants to work with us.  We don’t want to waste your time.  So here is a guideline to see if you may be a good fit to work with us:

  • Your debt outside of your mortgage is less than 25% of your annual income.  If you are overspending, then a better solution is to go through a debt program. We have a lot of successful clients that have gone through Dave Ramsey. If you are looking to manage your own money, we aren’t a great fit.

Our clients have PHD’s from Harvard to hard knocks. They all have one thing in common, they come to us because they know what they don’t know. They believe that they are better suited doing what they do, and leaving the financial planning to us. We don’t believe in asset minimums.  We are in this business because we genuinely enjoy helping people.

Our Services cover everything you may need to reach your financial goals


Tax Planning

Career Planning

Portfolio Analysis

Retirement and Financial Independence Planning

Education Planning


Goal Setting

Debt Management


Profitability Forensics

Proforma Creation

Value Creation

Acquisition Analysis

Employee Retention

Market Perception

Tax Management

Advisor Integration

Fee-Only and Fee-Based are not the same!

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